Page-flip for 3D Shutter Glasses (F8)

(this option requires the installation of Winx3D software, the NVidia Stereo Driver,NVidia 3D Vision, a graphics card supporting quad-buffered OpenGL or an NVidia Geforce patched to a 'Quadro').

The images are displayed in page-flipping mode using the resolution and color-depth set in 'Stereo/Page-flip Setup' and the monitor refresh-rate setup in Winx3D or NVidia control-panel 'Stereo Properties/Stereo Setup and Test'.
For Winx3D the alignment test is briefly displayed so that operation of your shutter-glasses may be confirmed and then the image is displayed full-screen. If there is visible flicker, use the monitor's OSD (on-screen display) to check the refresh rate. Anything less than 100Hz will produce flicker, depending on the ambient light conditions.
If necessary, choose a lower screen-resolution.

For 'Quadro's' and similar ensure that you have enabled quad-buffered stereo and overlays are disabled.

If you choose OpenGL stereo and it is not supported by your graphics card, a warning message will be displayed.

If you choose the NVidia stereo-driver, then it must be enabled by its control-panel or hot-key.
Otherwise the images will just be displayed side-by-side.

Pressing <F1> or 'H' will display Help information and <ESC> will return to SPM.

The following keys are available :-

F1 Displays information about the keys
H Displays information about the keys
F2 Zoom-in (or use mouse-wheel or right-click and drag forward) for enlargement of image
F3 Zoom-out (or use mouse-wheel or right-click and drag backwards) for reduction of image
F5 Show Info (see below)
Y Write alignment information to a DAS file.
X Swap left/right images
F Fit the image to the window
J Display the image at its normal (100%) size.
Q Fit the image height to the screen.
I Auto scroll (for panoramas).
A Start / Stop a Slideshow).
When [F5] is pressed, the following information appears on the top-line of the screen :- Name and extension of left image; Name and extension of right image; Display size in pixels; Zoom percentage; Alignment-shift x,y values; page-flipping driver (NVidia, Win3D or OpenGL).

The left/right arrow keys may be used to align the images (when not in auto scrolling mode).
The alignment may be Reset by pressing the 'Home' key.
The pixel-shift per key-press may be dynamically-set by pressing the keys '1' to '9' for 1 to 9 pixel-shift
or '0' for a 10-pixel shift. Pressing key [F5] will give confirmation of the new pixel-shift setting.

In auto scrolling mode, the left/right arrow keys set the scroll direction and the up/down arrow keys increase/decrease the scrolling speed.
The 'X' key will swap left/right images during scrolling and any other keys or mouse left-click will halt scrolling.

[Space][Mouse Left button double-click] Next image in slideshow.

[Backspace][Mouse Right button double-click] Previous image in slideshow.

[Drag with Mouse Left button] scroll image.