Color Anaglyph (F7)

color . half color

The image-pair are displayed as a single color anaglyph image of the same dimensions that each image had in the Adjustment View.
For viewing with red/cyan or yellow/blue glasses.
The image may be enlarged to fit the window and/or zoomed-in and aligned as described previously.

In Half color mode, the red or yellow image is replaced by the grayscale value of the left image.
The right image uses the blue and green values of the original right image.
Put on your anaglyph glasses to see the effect of half-color with the above images.
There is less 'retinal rivalry' on brightly-colored objects.

Dubois Anaglyph (red/cyan)


The Dubois anaglyph method changes problem colors to colors that do not produce ghosting.
Again, put on your anaglyph glasses to see the effect of the Dubois method with the above images.
These contain large areas of bright red and the reduction in ghosting is very obvious.
You cannot simultaneously have color fidelity and very low ghosting.
You can set-up your own Dubois parameters by using 'Optimised Anaglyph' and initially entering the 6x3 matrix values stated there.
Using that starting point, you can try altering the various parameters.