Create/Split MPO File...

MPO files are multi-picture-format-compatible files first used by the Fuji Real 3D digital stereo cameras and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9.

For the Fuji, they contain two separate JPG images and for the Sony contain multiple images (for the Multi-view option).

For the Fuji :-

The workflow is simpler if you choose the camera option to only save MPO files and not a 2D JPG in addition.

Create a folder named, for example, DCIM_FUJI and in that folders 'Left', 'Right', 'Processed' and 'MPO'.
Copy all the MPO files from the card to the MPO sub-folder.
(If you have also recorded 2D JPG images, choose 'View\Details' and sort by 'Type'.
Select the first MPO image and with Shift pressed select the last MPO image.
Copy or move the multi-selected images to the MPO folder).

Start SPM and choose File\Create/Split MPO File ...'
Click the 'Look in' drop-down file-tree and browse to the location of your MPO folder.
In 'Files of type' click down-arrow and select 'MPO Multi-Picture Format'.
The dialog-box title will change to 'Restore MPO File (MPO --> Jpeg)'.
Click the 'Output Folder' Browse button and browse to the locations of your 'Left' and 'Right' folders.
Click 'Convert all files' to losslessly-extract the images to the Left and Right folders.

You may now use File\Multiconversion in the usual way and save the adjusted images to the 'Processed' folder.
It is worth saving all the Multiconversion settings (and folder locations) as a suitably-named file for easy re-use.

For Sony Multi-view :-

Similar to above but only an MPO and single destination folder are required.
Set the same Output Folder for both Left and Right.
Process all MPO files or just selected ones and the fifteen multiple images in each MPO file will be extracted to the single folder.

You may also create MPO files from existing JPG images not taken on a digital stereo camera.
When you select JPG images, the dialog-box title will change to 'Create MPO File (Jpeg--->MPO)'.
Some programs (such as PhotoShop) do not create suitable JPG's and the resulting MPO will not display correctly.
In that case, use Multiconversion with the MPO output option and resampling.
For display on the Fuji W1 camera or V1 display, an image size of 800 x 600 pixels is sufficient and minimises storage on the SD card.