Open Left/Right Images...(O)

To increase the size of the File Open dialog, simply drag the bottom-right corner with the mouse left button depressed.

File types directly supported by SPM are GIF, JPG, BMP, TIF and PNG.
SPM supports uncompressed and compressed TIFF files and will open files with packbits, LZW or ZIP compression.
SPM will open PNG files in indexed (1, 4 or 8-bit) 8-bit or 'TrueColor' formats.

If the Left/Right images are in the same folder, they may be multi-selected by holding down the <shift> key for adjacent-image file-names or the <Ctrl> key for separated file-names.
If you select a single image whose filename ends in '_l', '_L', 'l', 'L', '_r', '_R', 'r' or 'R' the matching-image is automatically loaded after you are prompted for confirmation.
If the left and right images are in separate folders, SPM will remember this when you press the spacebar to browse the images.
Typically, renamed images from twinned digital cameras will be in separate folders.

The selected images will normally form a stereo-pair but need not and may even both be the same.
'Show Preview' and 'Open as Normal size' options are available.

If you wish to swap the images left-for-right, tick 'Swap Left/Right' checkbox when opening either the left or right image.

If the image is in the digital camera Exif format, 'Left turn', 'Right turn' and '180 rotated' options will be displayed.

If the image contains an embedded orientation tag, SPM will use that tag and the appropriate option will appear 'depressed', as shown above.
If you select one of the orientation options (or 'Original') the orientation tag will be set in the file.