Basic Operations

Left/Right arrow keys shift images horizontally and therefore change the location of the stereo window.
Up/Down arrow keys move images vertically in opposite directions to correct vertical errors.
Shift + arrow keys moves by a single pixel.
The resulting alignment values are displayed at bottom of screen.

Press 'X' to swap images left-for-right.

Click 'FIT' toolbar icon to fit image to client area (useful after a large zoom-in).

The mouse wheel zooms in and out and if you do not move the mouse the zoom is centered on the cursor position, allowing you to 'home-in' on features of interest, especially with high-resolution images.
You can also zoom with keys F2 and F3.

An alignment-grid overlay may be turned on/off with Ctrl+G (except in page-flipping mode).

If you are correcting images manually, align them before performing auto color-correction.

To autocorrect the displayed image-pair using the legacy Autopano feature-detection, press 'Alt+A'.

To autocorrect the displayed image using the faster method introduced with SPM 4.0, press Ctrl+Alt+space-bar.
To load and autocorrect the next image, press Alt+space-bar.
To load and autocorrect the previous image, press Alt+backspace.
These fast methods adjust horizontal and vertical displacements only.
If an alv alignment-value file already exists in the folder, its values will be used rather than computing new values.

Saving anaglyph JPG images with 'No Compression Ghosting' gives best results as it uses RGB color space, but some popular software may not correctly handle such images.

Press spacebar/backspace to cycle forwards/backwards through a folder of images or position the cursor at either edge of image and left-click.
The images displayed may or may not comprise a stereo pair and may be in a different format to that currently selected, so you normally apply this to a folder of stereo images all in the same format and not containing non-stereo images.

Undo/Redo many actions up to 100 times by clicking toolbar icon.