Commercial support for SDM

For the information of users, commercial support for SDM will be listed here.
None of the products or services are endorsed or recommended and I have no commercial link with any of them.
Contact me if you would like to be included.
Werner Bloos supplies Z-bars, USB-remote switch units,switch units for external flash and complete systems ready-to-run with bootable memory cards.
A beamsplitter box with an effective camera separation of 0 to 50mm is available for macro work with a pair of S90 cameras.
He also supplies non-SDM rigs for underwater and movie applications and the ste-fra LANC remote.

Frans van de Kamp (Netherlands)
supplies right-angle mini-B connectors, tiny torches with batteries suitable for a USB remote switch, ready-made switches and card-readers modified to read locked cards.
There are also timers for time-lapse and the option of using radio receivers. (Canada)
Newport T.S. Stereotech can supply ready-to-run twin rigs.