3DSteroid RDS for Android

Latest Version
3DSteroid RDS Ver2.00
30/Dec/2013 3DSteroid RDS for Kindle fire release


3DSteroid RDS is RDS(random dot stereogram) making application for Android.
1. 28 internal 3D Object selectable.
2. 26 internal Pattern for RDS.
3. Change Stereo-base
4. Change 3D Object depth.
5. parallel eyes method / cross eyes method
6. Show/hide eye mark.
7. Scribble Mode
8. Save Scribble image / RDS image.
9. Import depth map image as 3D Object.
10. etc

1.RDS Mode

2.Control in RDS mode
Tap on Left/Bottom corner, Change 3D Object(Random)
Tap on Right/Bottom corner,Change RDS Pattern(Random)
Tap on Left/Top corner,Show/Hide original 3D Object
Tap on Right/Top corner,Change 3D Object and RDS Pattern(Random)
Tap on other area, Show control box.

3.Control box
Select Object : Select 3D Object
Select Pattern : Select RDS pattern
Stereo Base : Set stereo base
Depth : Set 3D Object depth
Eye: Select parallel eyes method / cross eyes method
Eye mark : Show / Hide eye mark

4. Menu in RDS mode.
Scribble : Go to scribble mode.
Save : save RDS image.
WEB Help : Show this page
Android Market : Show Android Market
About : Show version info.

5.Scribble mode
Seekbar(Left/Top) : Set depth level
Seekbar(Right/Top) : Set pen width
CLR button : erase all.
RDS button : Make RDS image.

6.Menu in Scribble mode.
Make RDS : Make RDS image.
Import : import depth map image file.
Save : Save scribble image as depth map image file.

7.Show RDS image