3D360 WEB application

You can use this viwer with PC or Mobile Phone.

How to use (Basic)

[Menu Button function]
Full: Full screen ON/OFF
Still : Play<->Pause Switch (video)
Prev : Previous image
Next : Next image
Dev : Phone orientation <-> Tap scrolling
L / R : Swap L/R
SBS : Stereo Switch Form (SBS->Interlace->Dubois->Color->Gray-> 2D)
Reference : local file read (multiple choice)

[Other functions]
Mouse Click or Tap the screen : Show / hide menu buttons
Mouse scroll
Wheel Zoom
Drag and drop files (multiple)
Bluetooth Controller-friendly

How to use (VR view with mobile Phone)

If you display the 3D360 WEB application on the smartphone browser and
set VR glasses, you can enjoy 3DVR casually, but there are some precautions
for comfortable viewing.
1. If you do not use the 3D360 WEB application of the SSL compatible server, it will not work the head trakking, so always access with https: //.

2. On Android, you can use the "Full" button at the bottom left of the screen to display the full screen (press the same button(close) to return to the original state), but not work on the iPhone.

3. How to display full screen on iPhone
First, We have to permit screen rotation .
3-1 Close all tabs except the web application.
When the terminal is set to portrait -> landscape, display the full screen (If the display is incorrect, make the terminal portrait -> landscape again)
3-2 When you do not want to close the tab
In portrait position, press the AA button on the left of the URL input field and press "Hide Toolbar", the status display will remain at the top, but almost full screen will be displayed.
To redisplay the toolbar, tap the white area at the top with the device in portrait position.

4. Press the [Tch] button at the bottom of the screen, the display changes to [Dev] and enable the head trakking, so you can watch with VR glasses.

5. Touch scroll the screen when you cannot see behind.

6. If the image is too large to see, try pinch zoom to reduce the image size.

Created by Masuji Suto